Effects Color Wheels
F/X Color Wheels
Compact Wheels have always been
a creative resource for artists
who design burns, bruises, aging
or other special effects.
Expect 50-300 designs per
.5oz./14gm. Wheel.
Bruises CK-1: FX-5, FX-7, FX-11, CL-18
Cuts & Bruises CK-3: FX-10, CL-14,
CL-5, CL-2
Bruise & Abrasions CK-4: CL-6, CL-15,
CL-17, CL-131
Burns & Blisters CK-5: FX-1, FX-4,
FX-3, CL-13
Age Stipple CK-7: FX-13, FX-15, FX-17,
Severe Exposure CK-9: FX-13, CL-10,
CL-13, CR-2
Old Character CK-11: CH-0, CL-17,
FX-13, CS-3
Old Character II CK-13: SC-3, CS-6,
CL-15, CL-17
Camouflage CK-15: CL-31, CL-61,
CL-11, CL-28
F/X Creme Colors
Achieve your best results with the
high pigment content and creamy
texture of F/X Cremes. Cremes
blend easily, and remain steadfast
against harsh elements.Expect
15-100 applications.
Creme Character Bases
Over the years, Ben Nye, Sr.
designed a nearly endless cast of
remarkable looking characters.
Today, anyone can turn heads with
these unique character
shades.Expect 10-35 designs.
Rainbow Wheel (above left)
RW CL-29, CL-13, CL-3, CL-5, CL-7, CL-19
Expect 50-240 designs.

Red White & Black
RB CL-1, CR-1, CL-29. Expect 25-150

Monster Wheel (above center)
MW CL-1, CL-15, CL-17, P-14, P-15, P-16
Expect 30-120 designs.

Death Wheel
DW P-21, P-22, P-19, P-17, P-20, P-18
Expect 50-240 designs.

Pro Bruises Wheel
EW-1 FX-5, FX-7, FX-11, CL-18
Expect 150-800 designs.

Pro Cuts & Bruises Wheel
EW-3 FX-10, CL-14, CL-5, CL-2
Expect 150-800 designs.

Master Bruise Wheel
EW-4 FX-11, CL-14, FX-5, CL-18, FX-7, CL-5
Expect 100-500 designs.

Bruise & Abrasions Wheel (above right)
EW-41 CL-6, CL-15, CL-17, CL-131
Expect 100-500 designs.

Pro Burns & Blister Wheel
EW-5 FX-1, FX-4, FX-3, CL-13
Expect 100-500 designs.

Trauma Simulation
EW-7 CL-13, FX-5, CL-19
Expect 30-150 designs.

Camouflage Wheel
KW CL-11, CL-31, CL-61, CL-28
Expect 30-120 designs.

Bald Cap Stipple Wheel
EW-9 CL-21, CL-25, FX-13, MY-2
Expect 60-200 designs.
Professional Wheels
Wheels offer exceptional character
realism. Intense pigmentation in a smooth
creme formula
provide consistent application, blending,
versatility and durability.