Lumiére & Fireworks
Lumière Grande Colour
Each shade provides a brilliant, shimmery
finish. Apply dry, or with water for enhanced
opacity. Seal with Final Seal or LiquiSet.
Lumière Grande Colour
Take along our Lumière Palette when
vibrant colors are a necessity.
Professional metal
palettes are available in either six or
twelve "must-have" color assortments for
beauty, fantasy
or face and body painting. Brush included.
All shades are available as Palette Refills.
LUK-6 (6 Colors)
Expect 50-250 applications.
Shades: RL-1, RL-3, RL-4, RL-6,
RL-12, RL-16.
LUK-12 (12 Colors)  
Expect 100-500 applications.
Shades: Colors in LUK-6, plus RL-2,
RL-7, RL-8, RL-10,RL-14, RL-17.
Fireworks Wheel
Shades: FW-1, FW-3, FW-5,FW-7,
FW-9, FW-11
Lumière Luxe Powder
Luxe Powders create stunning
radiance when applied over bare skin
or powdered makeup.
Mix with LiquiSet Sealer for
shimmering, luminescent,
smudge-proof coverage. For
subtle beauty, dust translucent Iced
Gold Luxe Powder all over.
Lumière Creme Wheel
Six bold, shimmering shades for
beauty or fantasy accents. Set with
Luxe Powders for a fabulous finish.
LW 1oz./28gm. Expect 50-250
Shades: Sun Yellow, Jade,
Cosmic Blue, Royal Purple, Ice.
Lumière Luxe Sparkle