MagiCake Aqua
MagiCake Aqua Paints
MagiCakes are ideal for face painting, masquerade, fantasy and
designs. The exquisite detail for our "Patriot" body paint (right)
was handpainted with MagiCake. Apply with a flat brush or Hydra
Sponge. Paints dry water-resistant and are easily removed with
Hydra Cleanse Oil Free Remover, or soap and water. Hydra
Cleanse is also an excellent brush cleaner for water-base makeup
including MagiCake and Lumière colors.
MagiCake Palettes
Palettes in six and twelve colors provide the
essentials to design virtually any makeup.
Professional metal box is ideal for face painters
and artists on-the-go. All shades are available
as Refills.