Glitz It Glitter Gel
MagiColor Paint &
MagiColor Liquid Face Paints
MagiColor Paints are beautifully designed with an incredible color range. Highly pigmented
paints dry quickly to a smudge and water-resistant finish. Apply with brush, sponge or airbrush.
Aqua Glitter
Dazzling details for just about any
occasion. Just shake and apply over
makeup, or directly to face, hair and
body. Dries to a flake-resistant finish.
Brush applicator included. Expect
20-60 applications.
Sparklers Glitter                      
Glow with glitter on the face, hair, nearly
everywhere. Press Sparklers into
unpowdered creme makeup, or sprinkle
into Glitter Glue or lightly sprayed
LiquiSet Sealer