Creme Neutralizing Crayons
Crayons quickly banish red, blue and dark
discolorations, accentuate highlights,
or correct facial features. Our creamy, richly
pigmented formula blends
easily. Great for quick touch-ups and effective at
covering freckless and age
spots on hands for close-ups. Sharpen with Dual Hole
Sharpener  Expect 50-200 applications.
Total Cover-All Wheels
Our most popular neutralizing
shades are included in these two
six-color wheels.
Apply to cover redness, tattoos,
blemishes and other
discolorations. The Total
Cover-All Wheel II (SK-200)
includes useful shades for fairest
complexions. Expect 50-250
SK-100 Shades: MY-1, MY-2, MO-1,
MO-11, MO-2, CC-1.
SK-200 Shades: GC-1, CC-1, HY-1,
MO-1, CC-2, CH-0.

Total Conceal-All Wheel
Be totally prepared to cover
blemishes and skin discolorations
with our highly pigmented
shades. Exceptional versatility for
the busy artist. NK-11
Expect 50-250 applications.
Shades: NR-1, NB-1, MY-3, NT-1,
NB-3, GC-1.

Cover-All Wheel
Four classic neutralizing shades
are included in this best selling
Wheel. Mutes redness,
veins, tattoos, beard shadows and
skin discolorations.SK-1 Expect
40-150 applications. Shades: MY-2,
MO-2, CC-3, FS-3.

Tattoo Cover-All Wheel
Conceal tattoo markings and other
color imperfections with these
four intense creme
shades. SK-11 .5oz./14gm. Expect
40-150 applications. Shades: MY-3,
NB-4, CC-1, NT-2.
Conceal-All Wheel
Four effective concealers make this a
must for every makeup case.NK-1
Expect 40-150 applications. Shades:
NT-2, NB-1, NB-2, NR-1.

Creme Highlight Wheel
Four versatile shades for corrective,
beauty, old age and character
highlights.SK-2.Expect 40-150
applications. Shades: CH-0, CH-01,
CH-2, CH-5.

Creme Shadow Wheel
Four indispensable contours for
beauty, corrective, old age and
character designs.SK-3 Expect 40-150
applications. Shades: CS-2, CS-3,
CS-4, CL-11.

Brown Contour Wheel
Four practical highlight and contour
shades for deep olive to brown
SK-31.Expect 40-150 applications.
Shades: SC-2, CS-6, SC-4, CS-9.
Mellow Yellow : Expect 50-200
Red Neutralizers: Expect 50-200
Mellow Orange: Expect 50-200
Blue Neutralizers: Expect 50-200 applications.
Tattoo Cover: Expect 50-200
Five O’ Sharp: Expect 50-200
Coverette Cover-up: Expect 50-200
Special Dark Highlights: Expect 50-200
Concealer Palette
Our palette covers the gamut when it comes to tattoos and
Intensely pigmented cremes provide flawless, long-wearing
and “invisible” coverage.Refillable. Expect 200-1000
applications. Shades:
RMY-1, RMY-2, RCC-2, RCC-3, RMO-2, RFS-1, RHY-1,
RGC-1, RNR-2, RNT-1, RNT-2, RNB-1.