"Life of the Party Guard"
"Think Pink"
"Hey Bob! How's the
water? Bob? Bob!?
"Maine Lobster
Been there. Ate
"You free for lunch?"
"Tell me the truth-
Does PINK make my
butt look big?"
"Goddess of the Grill"
"Excuse me? Did you
talk to me before
I've had my coffee??"
"Your tattoo with the
Chinese characters? It
means "Won Ton Soup
"I'm not saying she's
a slut. We'll okay,
yes I am"
"Oh, Boo-frickin'-Hoo.
Have a cocktail and
get over it."
"Golf! The only sport
that allows drinking
and driving."
"I listed Starbucks as
my emergency contact
at work"
"Happy Hour has now
been extended to
accommodate multiple
time zones."
Humorous Napkins