Children's Rentals
Toy Soldier
Comes with: Boot covers, Hat,
Coat, and Pants.
Colonial General Set
Comes with: Hat, Jacket, and
Robin Hood
Comes with: Shirt, Cape, Pants,
Belt, and Boot covers.
Deluxe Napoleon Set
Comes with: Long
tailcoat jacket, Pants,
Belt, Hat, Boot covers,
and Sash
Mexican Girl
Comes with: Poncho, Skirt,
and Headpiece.
Mexican Boy
Comes with: Pants, and Poncho
(hat sold separately)
Comes with: Hood, and Shirt
Deluxe Colonial Soldier Set
Comes with: Hat, Belt, Jacker,
and Pants
Chinese Girl
Comes with: Dress, and
Chinese Fan
Dutch Girl
Comes with: Dress,
and Bandanna